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Today's special items Blue Ramona
This truely is a special treat. Before the illustrious M. deWit departed for the coast he left us a parting gift of Blue Ramona Mactac. Mint in its box circa 1972. Soon we found Blue Ramona could beautify any item. For example, take a boring old PC, add Blue Ramona, and voila!
PC with Blue Ramona
Now your desk is a homey space where everyone will want to work.
But wait there's more! We were so taken with Blue Ramona we wanted everyone to have a box so we made a printable version. Just down load the PDF, print, cut along the dotted lines, then assemble. It's so easy and it's fun for the whole family.
Wish you could have Blue Ramona in cyperspace? Well now you can! Yes download the ZIP or HQX archive and recieve 2 (count them - 2) desktop patterns! Both measure 640 x 420 so you experience the full Blue Ramona pattern. Background 1 is the full colour pattern while background 2 is a muted version for those more subdued days.
PDF Icon
4 MB Download
Blue Ramona BG Pattern
70 KB Mac Download
70 KB PC Download


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