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Today's special items

Beat In Sweet
What's not to love about adding another James Last to the collection. First off is the title "Beat In Sweet". Just what does that mean? Not quite sure - maybe it lost something in translation from German. Then there's the usual James Last playlist of classics like "Mr. Tambourine Man", "Eve of Destruction", and of course "Frag' Den Abenwind". But what I really love about this is the cover art. Especially the sexy baggy pantyhose on the woman's feet and the violin that was dropped into the picture as an afterthought. It's floating there in air in front of the rocking chair not even casting a shadow.


*Bruno Gerussi Celebrity Cooks
*Nsynch Drivers License
*Special Mary
*Wonder Bread Sandwich Container
*Lobster Claw Harmonica
*JarJar Frisbee
*City Nimrod
*Beat In Sweet
*Monkey Brand
*Gramp's Secret
*Fine China
*Lord of the Dance
*Paul Marcel
*Gaite Parisienne
*Satan & His Plan
*Fix Your Bike
*Shaun Cassidy
*Spanish Shitter
*Tin Plate
*Oven Mitts
*Assorted Washers
*Bubble Blowers
*The Peaches
*Mr. PG 2000
*Toothbrush Holder
*Cookie Monster
*Blue Ramona
*Airport Bronzes
*Hot Cups
*Hair Piece
*Teletubbies Fan
*Bondage Barbie
*PEI Summer Home
*Mr. PG
*Morty Maxwell
*Canucks Album
*Monkey and Fez
*Ligo Squid
*Sea Monkeys
*Chewing Gum


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