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Today's special items rooster.jpg
Craptastic Fine China
Award winning porcelain figurines that would make any Franklin Mint collector jealous. From left to right:
  • Buddha (no doubt a rare Ming Dynasty treasure).
  • The Rooster of Luck and Happiness (or as I prefer Le Coq du Bonheur) and doesn't he look lucky and happy? There must be a genie trapped inside his stomach.
  • And finally two clowns caught in some sort of perverse sexual act (no doubt there's a porn site in the making from this statuette).


*Bruno Gerussi Celebrity Cooks
*Nsynch Drivers License
*Special Mary
*Wonder Bread Sandwich Container
*Lobster Claw Harmonica
*JarJar Frisbee
*City Nimrod
*Beat In Sweet
*Monkey Brand
*Gramp's Secret
*Fine China
*Lord of the Dance
*Paul Marcel
*Gaite Parisienne
*Satan & His Plan
*Fix Your Bike
*Shaun Cassidy
*Spanish Shitter
*Tin Plate
*Oven Mitts
*Assorted Washers
*Bubble Blowers
*The Peaches
*Mr. PG 2000
*Toothbrush Holder
*Cookie Monster
*Blue Ramona
*Airport Bronzes
*Hot Cups
*Hair Piece
*Teletubbies Fan
*Bondage Barbie
*PEI Summer Home
*Mr. PG
*Morty Maxwell
*Canucks Album
*Monkey and Fez
*Ligo Squid
*Sea Monkeys
*Chewing Gum


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