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crappy links
Links - the bringers of pain and delight.
Ebay Search
Let's see what kind of Crap is available on Ebay today.

Eilert Pilarm
He's the Swedish Elvis. How can something so wrong be so right.
The Chubbies
How can anyone resist a band called The Chubbies? You can also get more information at Sympathy for the Record Industry and Filthy's Music Exchange. Did I meantion Jeannette rocks?
Bad Mojo

Pete Barbutti
And who can forget Celebrity Microwaves? Filled with third rate Vegas entertainers, ethnic jokes, and of course gourmet microwave food. The pain that passed as entertainment in 1985.
Johns Bigfoot Picture Page
He alegedly has "high-quality" versions of his Photoshop work. Judging from his keen eye for perspective and the use of the Burn tool it might be fun to see.
Manimal Fan Fiction
Some shows just shouldn't be remembered let alone have fan fiction written about it. Manimal is one of those shows.
Still one of the best arguements against using Flash on a site. You might want to check out the creator's home page as well for even more of his vocal stylings - or just go to the nearest monster truck rally.
Good Mojo

Barbie Bondage
Don't know if this is the original site I saw around 1997. But if it is I'm glad to see they've eluded Mattel's lawyers.
British Lard Marketing Board
Everything you wanted to know about lard and were afraid to ask. Make sure to check out the Lard Cam.
Also see Ambulance-Chasers and The Daily Nail
Canadian World Domination
Yeah we suck at every Olympics, but watch's all part of the grander plan of world conquest.
Furniture Porn
Get some of that red hot XXX action.
How To Hide The Fact That You're Mr. T From Your Coworkers
There's something I want to tell you....
Live Action
Kid 70s Vid

The one and only site I've found with a decent run down of Doctor Shrinker. Plus any other Sid and Marty Krofft show you can think of.
Mark my words, we are mere months away from this hairstyle coming back into fashion. For anybody thinking about it, feel the shame.
Pimpadelic Wonderland
For those who want to really relive the 70s arts and culture scene.
SCTV Guide
A resource for anyone looking for more info on SCTV.
The Shaggs
It's not enough to just hear them, you must emerse yourself in them.
Toonarific Cartoon Archive
A pretty good overview of Saturday morning cartoons. Great for people like me who care.

The world's largest archive of classic print ads. Where else could you find something like this.
Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum
Looking for a place to hurl? This site has a huge collection of waxy coated bags for you.
The grand daddy of all bad art collections on the web. As Milhouse says, "I fear to watch, yet I can not turn away".
The Earchives
Because sometimes you just need to hear Steve Austin jumping over a fence.
A great place to buy crazy shit. Don't forget to download the Oracle.
Show and Tell Music Gallery
An awesome collection of records. Scarier still I think we had this one in the house when I was I wee lad.
Reading Material


Annals of Improbable Research
Genius or Wingnuts?
Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse
Have you been illegally implanted with an electronic mind control device? Do you think you've been implanted but just aren't sure?
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
The title of this article is great. But read carefully before applying it to others.
In the search for Pete Barbutti's Celebrity MicroWaves Show, I stumbled upon Kibo.



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