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Spotlight Dance
Spotlight Dance screensaver
Let your computer get it's bad self on while it's not in use.
265 KB Mac Download
300 KB PC Download

Who's yer daddy screensaver
Is it Abe or isn't it? Put a big floating head on your desktop.
1.9 MB Mac Download
1.4 MB PC Download

CrapLoopy screensaver
More Crappy floaters for your desktop.
433 KB Mac Download
344 KB PC Download

FooFoo's Cat Astrology Screensaver
Because if it's not Foo it's not true
2.1 MB Mac download
2.1 MB PC download

Desktop Patterns

Blue Ramona BG Pattern
A Bowel Clenching Desktop
I know the urge that brings people to this site so now you decorate your desktop accordingly. This new desktop comes in 2 handy sizes: 640x480 and 1024x768. To download, just click the link to open the image in a new window and save the image to your desktop.

Blue Ramona BG Pattern
Blue Ramona Desktop Pattern
All new! Based on the Blue Ramona mactac pattern. As featured in the Special Items section. The 70 KB download includes 2 files - one is the full blown Ramona, the other is a muted version easier on the eyes.
70 KB Mac Download
70 KB PC Download

Craptastic BG Pattern
The Craptastic Desktop Pattern
Amaze your family, annoy small animals, set your desktop to the Craptastic tiled background.
4 KB download

Sunny Jim Desktop
Sunny Jim Desktop
Make your computer Craptastic with our very own Sunny Jim. At the moment only the wacky 832 x 684 size is available.
70 KB Mac download
70 KB PC download


CrapSkull 4 Icon Set
OSX and Windows icons

Worker and Parasite
Icons for both Mac and Windows of Eastern Europe's favorite cat and mouse team.
OSX and XP

He's Mister 101. He's now ready for your desktop in looking left and right poses. He's too much.
Mac Universal

Bernard Hinault
My favorite cyclist of all time. And someone who would have kicked Lance Armstrong's ass up and down the road had they been racing during the same time frame. He also raced a full year and could read a race without an earpiece wired to the Directeur Sportif unlike Lance.
Mac Universal

James Last
James Last
I had nothing to do one day except make a James Last tape for my mom. Sp to top it off I decided to make an icon out of his strangly intriguing yet creepy face. Check out his site it's actually pretty cool even if the music isn't.
Mac Universal

mr pg
Mr. PG
The very first Craptastic icon done for OS-X. And what better icon to create than one of Mr. PG.
Mac OS-X
Mac Universal
Win XP

Misc Character Icons
Misc Character Icons
Some icons I had kicking around. Open the window to pick and choose the icon you want. Mac and PC versions available.
Preview and download individual icons

Retro People Icon set
Retro People Icon Set
Icon set I did for that other company. Icons are available for both Mac OS 9 and earlier (no big ass OS X icons yet) and PC.
110 KB Mac Download
60 KB PC Download
See preview of icons

Bathroom Icon set
Craptastic Bathroom Icon Set
Change your desktop icons to a beautiful bathroom object with this icon set. Icons are available for both Mac and PC.
70 KB Mac Download
30 KB PC Download
See preview of icons

CDs from Amazon

Space Ghost
Cartoon Network
Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que: Featuring 25 Hickory-Smoked Harmonies
Full of assorted musical treats like Brak's moving songs "Don't Touch Me" and "Water".
Buy from Amazon

Viva Last Blues
Viva Last Blues
You need this album and don't say you don't. Will Oldham probably could use your money too.
Buy from Amazon

Jon Spenser Blues Explosion
Next to Princess Superstar, one of the best albums for driving. Jon Spenser screams real loud too.
Buy from Amazon

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Crime Wave
Crime Wave
John Paizs director
Got $25 Canadian laying around and want to own possibly the best Canadian movie ever made? Pop over to the Crime Wave site and order a copy from Frank Norman you won't regret it.

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Books from Amazon

The Little Prince
Antoine De Saint-Exupery
The Little Prince
One of my all time favorite books. Read it in English or French. Just don't watch the video - it's one of the most appalling Hollywood bastardizations to ever appear.
Buy from Amazon

Have Not Been the Same
Michael Barclay, Jason Schneider, Ian Andrew Jack
Have Not Been the Same : The Canrock Renaissance 1985-1995
In case you thought the only thing going on was Bryan Adams and Glass Tiger this is a really good look at the Canadian music scene from the 80s to the 90s. Covers what was happening underground and alternatively to the dreck of Cancon.
Buy from Amazon

The Manual
Bill Drummond, Jimmy Cauty
Manual : How to Have a Number 1 the Easy Way
So you want to be a rock star. Written by the guys behind the KLF, this honest step by step manual of the music industry shows you how to have a number 1 record on the UK charts.
Buy from Amazon

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*Desktop Patterns

Other Stuff


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