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Thrill Of It All
Roxy Music
Thrill Of It All [BOX SET]
I've had this semi-superstition since about '86 that while travelling I should shave my legs (don't want stubble in case of an accident) and that I should have one Roxy Music album with me. Join my paranoia. Shave your legs and get the Roxy Box Set.
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Fila Brazillia
Luck Be Weirdo Tonight
I'd buy any Fila Brazillia album. You should buy this album for the great downtempo music and for the little bunny rabbit on the jacket.
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Marquee Moon
Marquee Moon
Don't waste your money on overhyped cover bands like the Strokes. Buy some of the original music they're ripping off - it's 100% better
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Lemon Jelly
Jelly not kittens. The best release I've heard this year. Thanks Jon.
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Big Dentist
The Lemon Kittens
Big Dentist
Crazy cat music!
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Big Dentist
The Shaggs
The Shaggs
So bad it's beautiful. I've heard bands intentionally try to play like them but no one "out-Shaggs" the Shaggs.
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Neal Hefti
Batman Theme And 19 Other Bat Songs
Why not.
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